District 15 Contacts

District 15 Contacts

“Our Twelfth Step – carrying the message – is the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship gives; this is our principle aim and the main reason for our existence.”

Bill W. – A.A.’s Legacy of Service

 Your participation is important and encouraged.  Please contact any of the District 15 volunteers below to learn how you can help support our fellowship.

 District Officers E-mail *

District Chair Marguerite L. Chairperson@ aapasco.org
Alternate Chair Altchair@ aapasco.org
Registrar Registrar@ aapasco.org
Treasurer Colleen M. Treasurer@ aapasco.org
Recording Secretary Pat B. Secretary@ aapasco.org

 *NOTE: E-mail addresses have no space after the @ symbol. We added spaces here to reduce spam

Standing Committee Chair’s e-Mail

 Archives  Marcy I. Archives@ aapasco.org
 Corrections  Doug H. Corrections@ aapasco.org
 Grapevine  LouLou O. Grapevine@ aapasco.org
 Literature  Susan I. Literature@ aapasco.org
 PI/CPC  Dena L. PI/CPC@ aapasco.org
 Accessibility / Special Needs  Steve S Accessibility@ aapasco.org
 Treatment  Amanda G. Treatment@ aapasco.org
 Webchair  Barbara R. Webchair@ aapasco.org
 BTG Coordinator  Mary Ellen Btg@ aapasco.org
 Unity Meeting Coordinator  Pam G. Unitymeeting@ aapasco.org

 Officers and Committee Chairs: Click here to login into Webmail

Please send written/paper correspondence directed to:
District 15, Officer or Committee (e.g. Archives), P.O. Box 692, 
Elfers, FL 34680