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A free mobile app for iOS and Android. Designed to be simple, fast, and help you find AA meetings wherever you are.  More locally, the Meeting Guide shows where and when you can find a meeting and it even shows the distance to the meeting. Very cool!

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Click on the meeting for all the meeting details as shown on the District 15 website.  Click on Directions to open you favorite map with driving and walking directions!  Another click to send an e-mail or text to invite a friend.  Or add the meeting to your favorites and or put it on your calendar.

Share our website with friends, newcomers, visitors and snowbirds. Everyone will appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of the Meeting Guide app.

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About the Meeting Guide app:

This app was developed by a number of volunteers led by Josh R. from the San Jose CA area.  They developed our highly functional website Meeting List as well as this mobile app.  These volunteers provided this app for no charge. If you like what you see, let them know and like the app on Google Playstore or the Appstore.


This app respects your privacy. No personally-identifying information is collected.

Locations are used to perform searches, so geographic coordinates are transmitted off-device whenever you execute a search. However the app does not indicate whether the coordinates come from a device’s actual location or from a keyword search. And since no personally-identifying information is collected, the system does not know which searches came from which devices.

The Apple and Google app stores provide information on how many times the app was downloaded, as they do with every app.

It may be useful at some point to start tracking how the app is used so that we may guide future development. If and when that happens, the following types of anonymous information may be collected:

  • Total number of times the app was opened
  • Total number of searches by city
  • Total number of searches by search radius
  • Percentage of searches that were keyword vs geolocation
  • Total number of times a meeting was opened
  • Total number of times a button was clicked, and for what meeting

None of that information is currently being tracked however. If you have questions, please get in touch.