Website Committee

Alcoholics Anonymous District 15 Website Committee’s mission of service is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous through the electronic media of the Internet.  If you would like to be a part of the committee, email us at 


The District 15 Website Committee may be comprised of:

    1. A Web Chair with a minimum of two years sobriety, a background in District 15 service, have the required skills to create and maintain the website, and able to attend all District 15 business meetings and area quarterlies
    2. An Alternate Web Chair with a minimum of two years sobriety with experience in District 15 service, have computer skills and ability to assume responsibilities of the Web Chair when necessary. 
    3. Any other members wishing to serve or contribute ideas that will help promote  the website as a vehicle to fulfill our primary purpose to “carry the message”. 
  • Based on the experience of other districts, it is recommended that the Web Chair should not be subject to the usual 2-year rotation but will stand to be approved for another term at each District 15 Elections Business Meeting.
  • A report will be  provided at each District 15 monthly business meeting
  • The webchair shall be funded one nights’ lodging for attendance at the Area quarterly in accordance with the Book of Current Practices
  • The budget for the Website committee shall not exceed $250 per year


The website located at shall include the following: 

    1. The AA preamble
    2. Links to the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts
    3. Links to: AA World Services (;  South Florida Area 15 (; The Grapevine ( and the District 15 Intergroup Newsletter
    4. A disclaimer to be found upon exiting the website to the above listed links
    5. Meeting schedules within District 15 and instructions to access a free mobile app, “Meeting Guide”, that will search for meetings wherever you are 
    6. Individual pages for each District 15 Standing Committee
    7. A calendar of upcoming events, workshops, and business meetings within District 15 
    8. Posting of ‘Other AA Events’  – This can include events sponsored by other entities in District 15, Area 15 South Florida, AA Conventions and Workshops when requested.
    9. Anonymous email addresses for District 15 Officers, Committee Chairs & DCMs 

The website committee shall maintain the meeting schedules, email accounts, calendar of events and facilitate District Officers and Committee Chairs in providing time sensitive information to the District members. The committee shall meet as needed and also use text and email to communicate.