TREATMENT needs help carrying the message into the treatment facilities. 

The Treatment committee meetings are held in the Central Office Meeting Room at 7119 U.S. 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652.
For meeting times and questions, email us at: 

All members of the Committee are part of District 15 General Service Groups.  There can be more than one member per Group. Those who want to participate in meetings at treatment facilities must have at least 6 months continuous sobriety and approval of their sponsor. The Treatment Chairperson should have 3 years continuous sobriety with knowledge of the Steps and Traditions and the Treatment Facilities Workbook.  If the Committee has a large amount of members it should consider an Alternate Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, Literature coordinator, and a Bridging the Gap coordinator.  All positions are elected within the Committee and the Chairperson is approved by the District 15 General Service body. Chairperson is funded for one night at the Area Quarterly assembly, if funds are available. 

Offers a forum for District 15 A.A. members to share their experience in carrying the message into Treatment Facilities. Maintains a supply of A.A. literature pertinent to the Committee’s purpose. Cooperates with Treatment Facilities personnel in holding meetings at the facilities. Reviews service literature and workbooks with the Committee members and coordinates Bridging the Gap activities.

The Committee is responsible for holding meetings where members may share their experience, report and maintain a schedule on all Treatment Facilities currently visited, keep the District 15 body informed of the Committees needs in doing this activity and maintains a list of phone contact numbers for Bridging the Gap activities.

The Committee Chair and/or Alternate Chair should attend all District 15 Business Meetings. The Committee Chair is funded for 1-night lodging at the Area 15 Quarterly Assemblies and  attends committee meetings pertaining to Treatment Facilities, makes an oral and written report of District 15 activities for the Area 15 assembly Treatment Committee and reports to the District 15 body at it’s  business meeting after the quarterly with an oral and written report of activities. The Chairperson is responsible for submitting the annual budget request for the Committee to the District at the District 15 business meeting in October of each year.