If you are interested in becoming an active member of the Literature Committee or are interested in information about what we do, please feel free to contact the Committee Chair at


The Literature Committee is made up of District 15 A.A. members who are interested in service and A.A. literature.

  • The Committee Chairperson stands for the position and is approved by the District 15 Service body (i.e., officers, standing committee chairs, DCMs, and GSRs).
  • Any positions within the Committee (e.g., Alternate Chair, Secretary) are elected by Committee members and are presented at the District 15 General Service business meeting for approval.
  • The Chairperson (or the Alternate) is responsible for attending the District 15 Business Meetings and for displaying Literature material at all District 15 events.
  • The Chairperson (or the Alternate) will attend the Area 15 Literature meeting and give a report on District 15 Activities, both orally and by written report.  After the Area Assembly, any information that was gathered at the assembly will be reported at the District 15 Business Meeting.
  • The Chairperson (or their Alternate) is funded one night lodging when attending the Area 15 Assembly.  Funds are paid when needed, when available.
  • Requirements for Committee Chairperson is 2 yrs. sobriety and previous experience on the Committee;  Alternate Chairperson or Secretary is 1 yr. sobriety;
  •  The election is in October of the even year. The newly elected officers will take office in the following January for a 2 year term.

NOTE: Elections shall be by “Third Legacy Procedure”

To provide a forum for discussion on A.A. Conference approved literature, and how to improve and update existing literature to more effectively carry the A.A. message of recovery; to add a voice in the Area 15 Committee by sharing experience and input that creates a more informed Group conscience when voiced at the A.A. General Service Conference.

The Committee holds meetings to discuss any literature changes, based on Group conscience of the Committee members, the Area conscience, or the World Services agenda which is discussed every April. The Chairperson facilitates the District 15 Literature meetings. The Committee provides a literature display at all District 15 events and at the Area 15 Quarterly if the Area requests. The purpose of the display is to create awareness within our District and the Area of what is available from our General Service Office in New York and the local Central Office or Intergroup.