The DCM Committee is comprised of all the District Committee members representing the groups in District 15. If you are interested in information about what we do, please feel free to email us.

The DCM Committee is composed of a Chairperson, who through Current Practice, is the District 15 Alternate District Chairperson, and up to twelve District Committee Members and up to twelve Alternate District Committee Members 

(The current formula used to determine the number of DCM and Alternates is one DCM to every eight Groups in District 15) 

To provide a forum for discussion on enhancing Group communication within District 15. To serve in such a capacity as to aid Groups in solving internal problems through monthly GSR sharing sessions. By attending Group business meetings. By providing information to Groups via A.A. literature resources, and informing Groups on how to apply the principles of the Twelve Traditions in all Group affairs. By carrying the message of A.A. to all interested members by holding annual or bi-annual Service Fairs or Carry the Message days. Voting for the best interest of those Groups who do not have a GSR at Area 15 Service Assemblies. Educating all interested A.A. members on the principle behind the A.A. Seventh Tradition and informing how A.A. members can contribute to A.A. both as Groups and as individuals.

The DCM Committee holds monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month to discuss current issues and needs of District 15, based on the Group conscience of the Committee members. The Chairperson facilitates the meeting. The Committee provides the topic for each GSR sharing session held one hour before the monthly District 15 business meeting, except the month before each Area 15 Quarterly Assembly. DCM are required to attend each Area 15 Quarterly Assembly as part of their service commitment, and to attend the Sunday business meeting of Area 15 as a voting member of District 15 and to be on the floor of the meeting by starting time. Each is requested to report back to District 15 any information that will help improve the level of service to A.A. in District 15 by both written and oral report.