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The Corrections Committee is made up of District 15 AA members who attend prison and jail meetings.   They need only be willing to stay sober, carry the message of AA and have at least one year of continuous sobriety. 

  • The Committee Chairperson stands for the position and is approved by the District 15 Service body (i.e., officers, standing committee chairs, DCMs, and GSRs).
  • Any positions within the Committee (e.g., Alternate Chair, Secretary) are elected by Committee members and are presented at the District 15 General Service business meeting for approval. 
  • The Chairperson (or the Alternate) is responsible for attending all District 15 and Area 15 business meetings.
  • The Chairperson (or the Alternate) attend the Area 15 Corrections meeting and report on District 15 Activities, both orally and by written report and also reports back to District 15 at the District 15 business meeting after the Area Assembly any information that was gathered at the assembly.
  • The Corrections Chairperson (or their Alternate) is funded one night lodging when attending the Area 15 Assembly.  Funds are paid when needed, when available.
  • Requirements for Committee Officers: Chairperson, 2 yrs. sobriety and previous experience on the Committee;  Alternate Chairperson and Secretary, 1 yr. sobriety;
  •  The election is in October of the even year. The newly elected officers will take office in the following January for a 2 year term.

NOTE: Elections shall be by “Third Legacy Procedure”

Offers a forum for members to share their experience in carrying the AA message to jails and prisons and by also using workbooks, literature, and other AA resources to best accomplish this task.

Hold monthly meetings (the meeting day & time may change) on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. to discuss schedule of commitments to the Correction Facility.  The committee is given a budget each year which the committee can use to purchase literature for distribution. At the monthly  District 15 Business meeting, the committee chair or his alternate will present a monthly oral and written report of Correction Committee activities .