District 15 General Service
South Florida Area 15

District 15 was formed in 1988 to coordinate 12th Step Work and General Service Work for West Pasco and Tarpon Springs area. Each group elects a General Service Representative (GSR) who carries their Group’s informed conscience to District 15 meetings, Area 15 Assemblies and links the group to AA as a whole.  


District 15 Service – How does it work?

The work is divided into committees and today there are a total of 8 Standing Committees that either coordinate the 12th Step Work or support it in some way.
1) Archives   

2) Corrections
3) Grapevine
4) Literature
5) PI/CPC (Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community)
6) Accessibility / Special Needs
7) Treatment
8) Website
We really need YOUR help! Please volunteer with one of the committees!

Download Our General Service Packet

6:30 PM on 3rd TUESDAY of each month at
Central Office Meeting Room 
7119 U.S. 19, New Port Richey, FL 3652
GSR Workshops schedule will be announced later
(Workshops typically serve to help GSRs, and prospective
 volunteers to learn from shared experiences and best practices.) 

Please join us to learn more at our next meeting!
All AA members are welcome!
Click here for District 15 Monthly Business Meeting minutes.  To get Password email webchair@aapasco.org

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